The continuity of your process is guaranteed with the total service of Inventflow

The continuity of your process is guaranteed with the total service of Inventflow

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Bornemann pumps in your process? Maintenance and new pump selections by Inventflow!

Do you have Bornemann pumps in your process or are you curious about the possibilities of the hygienic screw spindle pump introduced by GEA and ITT Bornemann? With extensive experience and a strong collaboration with our suppliers, we are happy to support you in both the selection of new pumps and the maintenance of all your current Bornemann pumps.

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Sign up for our pump and mechanical seal training!

The time has come, our pump and mechanical seal training courses are starting again! We would like to invite you for a fun and educational training, where we teach you the ins and outs of pumps and seals.

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“We go a long way in service: we unburden customers 24/7 using our own smart software”

“In service and maintenance we go for the complete unburdening of our customers. We provide proactive advice based on very extensive inspection reports. About pumps and valves, but also about the process conditions around them, such as an incorrectly laid or broken pipe. With this we offer just that little bit of extra service ”.

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Have your Fristam pumps serviced by our experienced engineers

As you know, professional and regular maintenance is essential for optimally functioning pumps. With the extensive experience of hundreds of Fristam pump revisions, our engineers are happy to support you with this. From a quick overhaul to maintenance of your entire pump park: our team is at your service.

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our expertise

service & maintenance

Maintenance of all your pumps and valves by certified specialists

Pump & valve selection

Optimal selection of pumps based on your process by our specialists

Inventflow Service Center

Valuable addition to your maintenance software for all your pumps and valves

Pumps under maintenance by Inventflow
Service Center users

Maintenance of pumps & valves

Inventflow is your partner for a rapid overhaul of a pump to the maintenance of your complete range of pumps. We can do this on site or at one of our service locations.

We support you with preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance. Our focus is to guarantee that production processes of our customers perform optimally and are as sustainable as possible.

Selection of pumps & valves by specialists

Inventflow provides you with suitable solutions for almost every application in the field of pumps and installations. Our specialists will provide you with optimal selection of pumps based on your needs. We have a very versatile range of quality products, with which we can almost always be of service to you.

Inventflow Service Center

The Inventflow Service Center is a valuable and user-friendly online tool in which you can find all your pumps. The Service Center is designed to give you full control over your production process at all times through your web browser.

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