TRY & BUY: live pump condition monitoring has never been so accessible!

live condition monitoring of your pump

The possibility of condition monitoring of your pumps

We believe in the added value of condition monitoring of your pumps to the reliability of your installations. Last year we presented our pump monitoring services in collaboration with ABB. It is a service that we offer and has many benefits for the life cycle cost of your pump. 

ABB Sensors: what is being measured?

De prestaties van uw pompen worden (live) gemonitord, op basis van trillingen (axial, radial, tangential), toerental (rpm), temperatuur, draaiuren en aantal starts/stops. De sensoren verzamelen en verzenden moeiteloos gegevens naar het Inventflow Service Center dat de informatie analyseert om belangrijke operationele parameters van de apparatuur te leveren en vroegtijdig te waarschuwen voor mogelijke problemen die zich kunnen ontwikkelen.

In addition, Inventflow generates service expertise that is fed into the condition monitoring service
delivered, a detailed report regarding the status of the equipment and further
maintenance recommendations. This enables you as a customer to get the right thing at the right time
make decisions for optimizations of the installed base – and realize further gains
in improving overall energy efficiency.

Example story of a cooling installation in the chemical industry

ABB Ability Monitoring Sensor Pumps

Why Inventflow for conditioning your pumps?

Inventflow takes care of the installation of your ABB Smart Sensors on the pump. Thanks to the data from the Sensor, Inventflow is immediately informed in the event of an error message. Thanks to our 24/7 service, we are always available and fast service is possible by one of our own technicians. This gives you complete control over your assets and prevents production downtime. 

Why ABB Smart Sensors for your pumps?

• Cost-effective
Measurements: In addition to vibrations, it also measures temperature, speed (RPM), operating hours and starts/stops
Accurate detection van trillingen in een vroeg stadium (100 Hz – 15 kHz)
Geavanceerde algoritmes based on results from 400,000+ rotating assets
Wireless communication via Bluetooth with a Gateway
ATEX, IECEx and NEC 500 certified
Online platform + app (ABB)
Measurement results also included in the Inventflow Service Center

Het ABB Smart Sensor dashboard

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