Alfa Laval pumps: maintenance and spare parts with short lead times!

Alfa Laval pumps: maintenance and spare parts with short lead times!

Service and maintenance for Alfa Laval!

We are ready for the full maintenance of your Alfa Laval pumps, but also for direct support in the event of calamities, spare parts (supplied from stock), replacement pumps and pump modifications.

Quick help due to short lead times

With short lead times, clear communication and an extensive stock of spare parts, we assure you of fast service and excellent performing pumps. Do you need a part or support (24/7) in the event of a calamity? Of course we are also there for you!

The smart software for your pumps: Inventflow Service Center

In the Inventflow Service Center, all data about your pumps is collected, analyzed and shared. This gives you complete insight into your pump fleet, with access to technical data, documentation, maintenance history and more. Our software is the perfect addition to your current maintenance system (SAP, Ultimo, etc.).


  • 18 certified Inventflow engineers with extensive experience with Alfa Laval pumps
  • Stock: crucial Alfa Laval pump parts in stock
  • Mechanical seals are overhauled and optimized
  • Readily available: thanks to a large service capacity we can serve you quickly
  • Online report with the condition of pump parts with explanation, photos and follow-up advice
  • Asset Optimization: you will be provided with data-driven advice plans with concrete optimizations based on your process
  • One-stop solution: simply request pump parts, replacement
    pumps and maintenance, regardless of the pump type

Contact us

+31 (0)546 45 80 72

Available between 08:15 and 17:00

Available 24/7 for calamities

Address Twentepoort Oost 25, 7609RG Almelo


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