ARBO pumps

ARBO pumps

ARBO Pumps

ARBO is a manufacturer of excellent, extremely reliable, corrosion-resistant pumps and filters in a wide range of applications.

ARBO pumps offer significantly long service lives, thanks to the use of high-quality plastics for the unique design. ARBO has a solution for practically every circulation, filtration or transport process.

In the production of the pumps and filters, the following is taken into account: simple construction, great uniformity of parts, use of only high-quality materials, simple maintenance, low energy costs and short payback times.

ARBO centrifugal pump

Construction of ARBO pumps

All parts that come into contact with the medium are made of solid plastics. Due to a special production method and the lack of welding seams, there is no risk of chemical cracks; a significant advantage over injection molded pumps.

PPH is standard which has a very wide range of employability. Impellers or housing parts made of RCH-1000 (= HMPE high molecular weight polyethylene) are available to order for very abrasive liquids (high solids content). For highly corrosive mixtures at higher temperatures, a fully PTFE-made pump is available.

The pump shaft is protected by an exchangeable plastic shaft sleeve. As a result, the liquid never comes into contact with metal parts. The seals are standard made of EPDM, but can also be supplied in a Viton or PTFE-coated version.


This pump range is equipped with a newly developed HiEff impeller with pressure compensation, which is mounted on the shaft independently of direction of rotation. These impellers are very suitable for transporting and circulating liquids, even viscous, with optimum efficiency. The pumps are dimensioned in such a way that solid parts up to Ø 3 mm do not cause damage.

ARBO pumps

Features and benefits of ARBO pumps:

  • For all applications where metal pumps are affected
  • Interchangeable with metal pumps thanks to standard connections
  • All parts are machined from solid plastic
  • No injection molding techniques or welding connections - no stress cracks
  • No metal parts in the liquid - extremely corrosion resistant
  • The highest chemical resistance
  • Compact (KR) and long coupled (TK) construction method
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Special versions for abrasive liquids
  • Unique new hydraulics for plastic pumps:
    • Improved walking culture and low noise level
    • Increased efficiency - lower energy consumption
    • Lower NPSHr - improved suction power
    • Reduced risk of blockages
    • Impeller mounting independent of direction of rotation
    • Fixed parts up to Ø 3 mm without damage
    • Capacity (Q) up to 600 m³ / h
    • Delivery head (H) up to 90 m

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