Reliability in pump technology: Inventflow's test procedures

Inventflow's advanced testing procedures

To guarantee the reliability of your pumps, we continue to invest in our testing facilities. Each pump undergoes a series of extensive tests, including pressure and flow measurements, vibration analysis and efficiency testing, to ensure they meet the highest standards.

An important aspect of this test installation is the ability to test pumps under realistic operating conditions. This means that the pumps are not only judged on their technical specifications, but also on how they perform under different loads.

Every reconditioned pump tested

At Inventflow we understand the importance of reliability. That is why every reconditioned pump, regardless of brand, is subjected to a rigorous testing procedure in our test facility. This ensures that your pump meets the highest performance requirements before returning to your process.

Exact flow and pressure measurements

Our test installation is equipped with advanced measuring equipment to accurately assess both the flow and pressure of your pumps. This data provides crucial insights into the efficiency and functionality of your pump, ensuring optimal performance.

Advanced pump characteristics

With our installation we can produce detailed printouts of pump characteristics. These reports provide valuable information about the performance of your pump.

Checking the mechanical seal

The integrity of the mechanical seal is crucial for the operation of your pump. Our experts carry out careful inspection and testing to ensure the reliability and durability of the seal, which significantly reduces the risk of leakage and failure.

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