Is your Bornemann pump malfunctioning or in need of maintenance?

Bornemann pumps: optimum performance and service life

Bornemann pumps, used in various industries such as the food, chemical, and oil and gas industries, have proven to have excellent processing qualities. However, like any industrial equipment, these pumps require regular maintenance to ensure optimum operation and service life.

Service for Bornemann: short lines and fast response times

At Inventflow, we are passionate about providing the best service and maintenance to our customers. One of our specialties is the maintenance of Bornemann pumps, a brand recognized for its high quality and reliability. We are of course happy to offer our service for your Bornemann pumps, with short lines and fast response times.

Experience, stock and 24/7 service

Our team of experienced technicians has extensive experience in the maintenance and repair of Bornemann pumps. They are continuously trained to stay up to date with the latest technologies and best practices. With a large stock of parts and 24/7 service, you can always contact us for the maintenance of all your Bornemann pumps, or a quick repair in the event of a calamity.

Some advantages of our maintenance service for Bornemann pumps:

    • Extended life: our careful and regular maintenance service helps to significantly extend the life of your Bornemann pumps, resulting in fewer unplanned breakdowns and lower replacement costs.
    • Increased efficiency: our preventive maintenance optimizes the performance of your pumps, resulting in higher efficiency and lower energy consumption.
    • Downtime Minimization: our regular maintenance services can detect and correct potential problems early, resulting in minimal unplanned downtime.
    • Cost reduction: while there are costs associated with maintaining your pumps, in the long run these are often much less than the cost of repairing major failures or replacing the pumps.
    • Compliance: we ensure that your Bornemann pumps meet all relevant safety and performance standards.

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