A look behind the scenes:
the working day of an Inventflow Service Engineer!

A look behind the scenes:
the working day of an Inventflow Service Engineer!

Introducing: Richard Swiss

My name is Richard Zwitser, 49 years old and from Stadskanaal (Groningen). My wife and I have been married for 23 years and have three children and a dog, Arthos. Besides my family and work, I like to spend my free time with sports, music and hiking.

Since December 1, 2019 I have been working as a service technician at Inventflow. Every day I am on my way to customers to provide service in the form of pump maintenance. The work includes pump inspections, vibration measurements, pump maintenance, overhauls and troubleshooting. I do the work with great pleasure. It is varied and I work together with fantastic colleagues in a casual, informal working atmosphere.

Richard, what does your working day look like?

What does my working day or working week look like? Well, that varies from day to day. Every location and customer is different, as is the work. Of course, some overhaul and maintenance work may be the same, but because we maintain a very wide range of brands and types of pumps, the variation is enormous! 

I receive my work orders on my tablet and from my home I then leave in my service bus to the customer(s) throughout the Netherlands. This bus is fully furnished with tools and aids and equipped with all comforts.

In the workshop or on location

Some working days consist of working in the workshop in Almelo. Here, pumps are dismantled on behalf of the customer and then inspected. The customer receives a detailed report of this and assesses whether he opts for repair, overhaul or replacement. If the customer has given approval as a result of the quotation, the pump is reassembled with new required parts. Before the pump leaves our workshop, the pump is tested and checked at the test installation for operation and leakage.

Maintenance and overhaul on location is done on behalf of the customer. This is done at the location where the pump is located or at the customer's workshop. Sometimes a customer chooses to have a pump or several pumps removed by us, and then take them to the workshop for overhaul.

A diversity of activities

The work is very different. Sometimes it is an inspection of one or more pumps at the customer. The other time it is a total overhaul of a pump and motor. If an overhaul is not profitable, the pump is replaced.

Overhaul of pumps

A (total) overhaul on site is assessed in advance by the work planner, after which the necessary parts for this pump(s) and motor(s) are ordered. Once registered at the customer and at the workplace, the tools are unloaded. If there is also an agreement on the work permit, the work can begin.

Once the pump and motor have been overhauled and replaced, the entire set is aligned first. If possible, the pump and motor are tested before we leave the customer, before we release the pump for commissioning.

Replacing a hydrophore set

Sometimes it is not profitable to overhaul one or more pumps. An example of this is the pressurized water set below which we have replaced (pressure increase). The new hydrophore set is equipped with frequency-controlled motors, which consume much less energy and are therefore more cost-effective.

The challenge in replacing the pressurized water set was that the old set was in a cellar, with limited access via a ladder. The old set had to be disassembled and lifted from the basement in parts. The new set had to be rebuilt in parts and the piping was then adapted to the new situation, because the installation dimensions no longer matched.

All this had to be done in the space of two days. Then it comes down to preparation and teamwork with my colleagues. Due to good preparation and putting our shoulders to the wheel, this job was successfully completed and the new hydrophore set is running to full satisfaction.

Laser alignment

When a pump or motor is replaced on site, or after an overhaul, the pump and motor are laser aligned. This ensures that the engine and clutch halves are perfectly opposite each other. This aligns the motor with the pump, preventing vibration, imbalance and eventual damage. Correct alignment of the pump is crucial for the life of the motor, pump shaft and mechanical seal.

Vibration Measurements

Vibration measurements are also an important part of our service. For example, we periodically carry out measurements, with which we build up a history. Based on these measurements, we can detect deviations at an early stage, for example due to defective bearings.

Because we can see bearing damage coming, preventive maintenance can be carried out. This prevents consequential damage such as worn bearing shields and run-in pump or motor shafts. Ultimately, we also prevent indefinite downtime, which is of course crucial for every process.

Work at Inventflow

Working at Inventflow is a lot of fun working! Every day is different and creates new challenges. In this way, every day is also instructive. The great thing is that we as Inventflow have a very broad customer base. An example of a few different fields in which our customers operate are:

  • Food industry
  • Breweries
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Oil processing industry
  • Hospitals
  • District heating

In addition to working with colleagues, it also happens that we go out independently. As service technicians, this requires independence, responsibility and creativity. But independently on the road and to the customer(s) does not mean that we are alone. We can always rely on advice and assistance from the preparation and, if necessary, backup from a colleague. Within Inventflow we do not let each other fall and we are there for each other. That makes working at and within Inventflow UNIQUE!

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