New: data-driven advice plan with concrete improvement proposals

Inventory by Inventflow

All your pumps are inventoried by our Service Center team. Our software then gives you access to a complete overview of your pumps, with associated history, documentation and photos.

Process analysis and advice

Our engineers analyze the collected data and put together a comprehensive advice plan. The plan consists of concrete advice to minimize risks, improve service life, realize savings and control costs.

Parts of the advice plan

  • Risk analysis: dangerous situations, cavitation and leaks
  • Cost control
  • Tool life improvement
  • Advice for standardization
  • Stock management: spare parts for critical pumps
  • Condition monitoring: vibration measurements and analysis
  • Energy check: potential savings and payback times
Read more about the content of the advice plan below.

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Risk analysis

Our service engineers perform a risk analysis. whereby, among other things, dangerous situations, cavitation and leaks are established. Following this, you will receive an overview of pumps that pose a risk.

Your crucial pumps are also mapped, where you receive advice on spare parts and pumps that should be kept in stock to guarantee the continuity of your process.

Optimization and tool life improvement

In order to be able to determine the suitability of a pump, all information related to overhauls and maintenance is registered in the Inventflow Service Center. Based on this information, we offer advice for optimizing and improving the service life of the pumps within your process. It often happens that certain pumps are not suitable for the medium they are pumping or the specific application at the location where the pump is mounted.


New frequency-controlled pumps have a significantly reduced risk of pump failure or failure compared to old uncontrolled pumps. Another important aspect is the decline in efficiency of older pumps and an increased energy consumption. In addition, there is an increased risk that parts will no longer be available for obsolete pumps, or that the delivery time can increase significantly due to shortages.

Inventory management

Inventflow offers its customers joint stock management. This is to prevent processes from coming to a standstill due to incorrect parts or spare parts that are not in stock. The crucial pumps within your process must function optimally at all times. Inventflow wants to help you with this, so that downtime can be limited or even prevented. We do this by stocking spare parts or providing a replacement pump when necessary.

Condition monitoring

Data processed in the Service Center is used as a basis for condition monitoring. Preventive maintenance is performed on the basis of a selection of crucial pumps. Preventive maintenance can result in a reduction of 20% in annual maintenance costs.

To map and monitor the condition of your pumps, vibration measurements are carried out 4 times a year. The results of vibration measurements are periodically compared and analyzed. Based on this information, among other things, a maintenance plan including recommendations, improvement processes and savings potential is offered.

Energy checks

85% of the life cycle cost of a pump consists of the energy consumption. That is why we carry out energy checks to give you a realistic picture of your savings potential if you choose new energy efficient pumps.

The energy check is performed according to the ISO 14414 Pump Systems Assessment Standard with an accuracy of +/- 10%, based on: pump QH, motor power, operating hours / yr, installation year, application and operational needs.

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