The Grundfos CR: the all-rounder with world-class efficiency!

Grundfos CR: the new generation

The new generation of Grundfos CR pumps introduces efficiency upgrades and a range of new features that increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve already excellent reliability.

With world-class efficiency, flow rates up to 336 m³/hour, a maximum head of 362 meters and an operating pressure of up to 40 bar, the CR is the perfect vertical centrifugal pump for a wide range of applications, such as pressure boosting, circulation, CIP/SIP and more.

The features of the Grundfos CR

The all-rounder for every process. With 16 flow sizes and hundreds of pressure sizes you are assured of a pump that suits your task.

High hydraulic efficiency. Capacity is optimized based on insights from fluid mechanics through extensive simulation-driven design and verification.

Bearings with a very long service life thanks to wear-resistant materials and a wide range of options for difficult liquids. And more!

Why Inventflow for your Grundfos CR pumps?

  • Correct pump selection: Our experienced team ensures precise pump selection tailored to the specific requirements of your application, ensuring optimal performance.
  • All parts in stock: We maintain an extensive stock of all essential parts, allowing us to respond quickly and minimize downtime should your pump require maintenance or repair.
  • Optimal choice of materials: Grundfos CR pumps are available in a variety of materials, which means we can offer the most suitable pump based on your application and process conditions.
  • Grundfos as market leader: By choosing a market leader like Grundfos, you benefit from the latest innovations and a proven track record in pump design and reliability.
  • Very durable, 30 years in operation is no exception: Grundfos CR pumps are known for their durability. It is not uncommon for them to be in business for more than 30 years, making them a wise long-term investment.

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