DEPA® SteriTec Series S1: the diaphragm pump for hygienic applications

Depa hygienic application

DEPA® SteriTec Diaphragm Pumps (EHEDG)

Air-operated DEPA® SteriTec diaphragm pumps have a range of applications. They have been developed for gentle and sterile handling of the medium.
The combination of viscosity, temperature, pressure and particle size is decisive for the required size and overall configuration of the pump.

Type S1

DEPA's solution for food and chemical applications meets the highest cleanability requirements thanks to its electropolished surface. The bolted construction design, combined with best-in-class sealing, provides significantly improved leak tightness and reduced maintenance time for reassembly. The pump is equipped with closed surface diaphragms of the o-ring model, which improves both the degree of cleanliness and leak tightness.

DEPA® SteriTec S1

  • Electropolished surface | to meet the high demands of cleanability, the surface of the pump consists of electropolished, cast stainless steel. 
  • Cavity-free Manifold | the pump features a standard Tri-clamp ISO connection for easy connection.
  • Bolted construction design | The best seal in its class ensures significantly improved membrane leak tightness and reduced maintenance time for reassembly. 

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