DEPA® SteriTec Series: the diaphragm pump for hygienic applications!

DEPA® SteriTec Diaphragm Pumps (EHEDG)

DEPA® SteriTec diaphragm pumps are the only ones in the market that meet EHEDG certification according to the very latest guidelines. For example, the pump design is provided with diaphragms in which the retaining plate is integrated in the diaphragm, for optimum cleaning.

Three pump types: S1, S2 & S3

The SteriTec series consists of three pump types, including the S1, S2 and S3. The S1 and S2, made of stainless steel, are fitted with one-piece, void-free manifolds. All materials are EHEDG and FDA approved and suitable for CIP and SIP. The S3 has been developed for sterile applications and has an implemented self-drainage system.

DEPA® SteriTec S1

The DEPA SteriTec S1 meets the highest demands in terms of cleanability thanks to the electrolytically polished surface. The bolted design, combined with the best-in-class seal, significantly increases diaphragm leak tightness and reduces maintenance time for reassembly. The pump is equipped with diaphragms in which the retaining plate is integrated in the diaphragm, which increases the degree of cleanliness and the leak tightness.

DEPA® SteriTec S2

The DEPA SteriTec S2 has a roughness of 3.2 µm and meets the highest safety standards for hygienic applications. A valve valve is optionally available to handle large solids for optimum, gently handled fluid flow. In order to significantly increase the degree of cleanliness and leak-tightness, the pump is equipped with diaphragms in which the retaining plate is integrated into the diaphragm. The unique V-frame for quick and easy disassembly reduces downtime and allows the pump to be drained easily and completely.

DEPA SteriTec S3

The DEPA SteriTec S3 with a roughness of 0.8 m is an EHEDG (class I) approved diaphragm pump for hygienic applications with an implemented self-drainage system. The pump features a drainage path through the valve seat with no additional moving parts, eliminating the need for additional handling or disassembly of the pump or equipment. Finally, the round U-frame guarantees optimum cleanability and meets the requirements of the EHEDG and FDA.

Features and benefits of the DEPA® SteriTec series


  • Maintenance: easy to maintain (clean and sterilize on site)
  • Cleaning: high degree of cleanability
  • Leak-tight: improved leak-tightness
  • Solids: Suitable for large format solids
  • One part Manifold
  • EHEDG: conforming to EHEDG specifications
  • FDA: Food & Drug Administration approved
  • Stainless steel: made of stainless steel

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