Dosing pumps - get to know everything about this pump type

Dosing pumps

What are dosing pumps?

Dosing pumps are oscillating positive displacement pumps designed to add a variety of media to a process at a highly accurate flow rate.

The pump type is used for a wide variety of applications and industries, from wastewater treatment to food processing.

What are dosing pumps used for?

In addition to water purification and food industry, the pumps are used in industrial installations, agriculture, factories, medical laboratories and mining activities.

The pumps are often used to add a caustic chemical or an acid to a water storage tank to neutralize the pH.

Dosing pumps are also regularly used as a chlorine pump to kill bacteria. Certain versions are designed for challenging situations, such as high temperatures and high pressure.

Dosing pumps Grundfos

The working principle of dosing pumps

A dosing pump sucks a predetermined amount of liquid into the pump chamber and adds the liquid to a process. The pump is driven by an electric motor or an air actuator and has a controller that turns the pump on and off and manages the flow.

Some models, such as the Grundfos Digital Dosing dosing pump, contain a more advanced control system. The above video shows the operation of the dosing pump.

Suitable applications

Dosing pumps are used for a huge range of applications. Mostly the pumps are used for pH adjustment of water and for protection against corrosion and precipitation.

The pumps are often used for mixing disinfectants, flocculants and scale inhibitors. The pumps can of course also be used for other purposes. A number of examples of applications are given below.

  • Disinfection of process water
  • Chemical industrial applications
  • Food and beverages
  • Cleaning-In-Place
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Irrigation
  • Disinfection and pH adjustment

One dosing pump per application

Below is explained which dosing pumps are suitable for various applications. Our pump specialists are happy to help you select the optimal pump for your process.

Dosing pumps for General applications

The Grundfos DME dosing pump is the workhorse for general applications. The pump combines extreme precision with high user-friendliness and can pump up to 940 l / h.

The pump is often used for various forms of water treatment, such as disinfection, pH adjustment, process water, drinking water and waste water. But also hygienic applications in the food industry and Cleaning-in-Place.

Other applications include ultrafitration, reverse osmosis, flocculation, coagulation, irrigation and chemical applications.

Dosing pumps for high pressure applications (up to 200 bar)

The Grundfos DMH dosing pump is very suitable for applications where high pressure is required. The extremely strong and robust design of the pump ensures extreme precision and reliable dosing.

The applications for which the pump is suitable: power plants, petrochemical industry, refineries, dosing of flammable liquids and the treatment of boiler feed water, process water and drinking water.

Dosing pumps for Demanding applications

The Grundfos DDA dosing pump is designed as the perfect solution for complex and demanding applications.

The pump is equipped with FlowControl, AutoFlowAdapt, pressure monitoring, and integrated flow measurement. Additional operating modes are also available, such as automatic venting.

Advantage entry-level model for general applications

The Grundfos DDE dosing pump is the economical entry-level model for general applications with all the benefits of digital dosing. The pump has a maximum turn-down ratio of 1: 1000 and a smooth, constant dosing.

The simple control, stop function and empty signal of the tank make the pump ideal for basic applications.

Features and benefits of our dosing pumps

  • Simple control
  • Extremely easy to use thanks to a graphic LCD screen in more than 25 languages
  • The required flow can be set directly on the display in ml / h, l / h or gph
  • Flexible and suitable for any environment or situation
  • Turn-down ratio of up to 1: 3000/1: 1000, which significantly reduces the number of models required.
  • The FlowControl system prevents unwanted downtime, even with variable process parameters such as fluctuations in system pressure.
  • The AutoFlowAdapt function ensures that the dosing process continues with the required flow, even when exposed to external influences.
  • Because of the integrated flow measurement function, expensive additional measuring equipment is not required.


Grundfos dosing pumps are the ideal solution for increasingly complex dosing. These dosing pumps have new drive and setting mechanisms.

With the user-friendly operation and an intelligent FlowControl system, they ensure extremely accurate, reliable and profitable processes, combined with the best possible price-performance ratio.

Read more about the Grundfos Smart Digital series or the Grundfos DMX, DME, DMH here. Or view the full range here.

The right dosing pump for your process

Selecting the right pump for your process can be a challenge. Our pump specialists are therefore happy to help you with this. You can call us on: +31 (0) 546 45 80 72 or email us at

Our goal is to completely unburden you in the field of pumps. For example, we select the ideal pump for your process, maintain or overhaul the pump and we are always ready in case of emergencies to guarantee the continuity of your process.

Everything about dosing pumps
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