Efficient pumps quickly pay for themselves: have an energy check performed!

Efficient pumps quickly pay for themselves: have an energy check performed!

Increase in energy rates continues

The unprecedented rise in energy rates continues, making the prevention of unnecessary consumption more relevant than ever. Since 85% of a pump's life cycle cost consists of energy consumption, energy checks provide valuable insights.

Replace inefficient pumps on a systematic basis

Current energy prices ensure a particularly short payback period on installing energy efficient pumps. To give you a realistic picture of your savings potential (up to 70%) when replacing inefficient pumps, we offer energy checks. With these insights you can systematically replace the least efficient pumps and drastically reduce energy consumption.

Basic & Advanced Energy Checks

With a Basic Energy Check we provide you with free online savings advice without any obligation. Would you like an advanced pump audit on location where you gain insight into savings potential and the payback time per pump? Then choose our Advanced Energy Check!

Energy checks are performed according to the ISO 14414 Pump Systems Assessment Standard with an accuracy of +/- 10%, based on: pump QH, motor power, operating hours/yr, load profile, installation year, application and operational needs.

Why have an energy check carried out for your pump park?

  • Cost reduction: anticipate the unprecedented rise in energy prices by replacing inefficient pumps
  • Interesting payback period: investments in energy-efficient pumps pay for themselves at an unprecedented rate
  • Insight: insight into energy and cost savings per pump
  • Planned optimisation: insight into the most inefficient pumps allows you to replace them systematically
  • Process reliability: with the investment in new pumps you keep maintenance and downtime to a minimum
  • Reducing footprint: emission reduction (CO2)

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