Evoguard aseptic seat valve SA

Evoguard aseptic seat valve SA

The Evoguard aseptic seat valves are designed for pipe shut-off in aseptic and sterile processes. With the aseptic seat valves, Evoguard offers the right components for all applications within the aseptic process.


  • Selection of drive based on product pressure
    • 6 bar
    • 10 bar
  • Designed for a smooth product transition
  • PN 25 housing designed for optimal cleaning
  • Two-piece or one-piece valve discs available
    • Two-piece threaded valve disc with defined clearance for the sealing rings for easy installation and for protection against infiltration and seal destruction
    • One-piece valve disc with a PTFE sealing ring
  • Rotational release for the coupling between the valve shaft and the actuator for torsion-free lift movement of the valve disc
  • Bellows with support
  • Stop before disassembly to avoid overloading the bellows; in addition, the support reduces vibrations and increases the life of the bellows

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