evoguard Diverter valve SC

Evoguard diverting valve SC

Closing pipes with systematic adjustments to hygienic process conditions. Evoguard offers reliable routing within hygienic production processes with diverter valves SC. Evoguard stands for durable high-quality valve technology in a modular component system.


  • Two piece threaded valve disc with defined clearance for the sealing rings for easy installation
  • Protection against infiltration and disassembly of the seal
  • Shaft seal design:
    • Protection against the ingress of contaminants
    • The seal is protected by the geometric design
  • Selection of drive by product pressure:
    • 6 bar
    • 10 bar
    • 7 bar
  • Can be used for high product pressures up to 22.7 bar, where pressure surges are prevented
  • Double balanced valve disc
    • Destruction resistant to at least 45 bar
    • Prevention of destruction during switching
  • The PN 25 housing is free of dead space
    • One-piece: no connection (screw connection, flange, etc.)
    • Required to disassemble the valve entry
    • Dry running: no receptacle in the housing
  • Variable routing

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