Fristam pumps

Fristam pumps

Do you have Fristam pumps in your process? Have these pumps serviced by our experienced engineers. Professional and regular maintenance is essential for optimally functioning pumps. With a team of expert, certified engineers and only use of original Fristam parts, we assure you of excellent performing pumps.

Maintenance of Fristam pumps

Your pump will be overhauled on site or at one of our service facilities, whichever is the best option for you. Every pump overhaul is recorded completely digitally, to make the pump overhaul transparent for you. We relieve you in the field of pumps, through preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance. read here more about pump maintenance by Inventflow.

Fristam pump parts

You can request all necessary Fristam pump parts, such as bearings, O-rings, mechanical seals and other wearing parts, easily and without obligation. We will provide you with a quote as soon as possible.

Why have Fristam pumps maintained and overhauled by Inventflow?

  • Team of engineers with experience of hundreds of Fristam pump revisions
  • All work will be digital recorded and shared
  • Digital inspection report with the condition of pump parts with explanatory notes, photos and follow-up actions
  • Quotation with a a transparent cost structure before work is carried out
  • Only our own engineers: we guarantee a high quality level by only using our own engineers
  • Full control over your entire range of pumps with the online Inventflow Service Center
  • 24/7 Service & Support: our team is at your service day and night. Our specialists support you at all times


Inventflow offers vibration analysis with which the condition and performance of your pumps can be accurately measured. The advantage of these analyzes is that the overhaul and replacement costs are limited by preventing defects. In addition, you limit the downtime within your production processes.


Inventflow is also your partner for corrective maintenance of your Fristam pumps. As soon as a malfunction or defect is detected, Inventflow takes the necessary measures as quickly as possible to ensure an optimal production process.


With accurate predictive maintenance, maintenance can be scheduled based on the predicted lifespan of pumps and process components. This reduces the risk of downtime within the production process and thus unplanned maintenance. By continuously monitoring the production process it is possible to identify and prevent future problems.

Fristam pumps

Maintenance and overhauls

Our service engineers are highly experienced and specialized in overhauling and maintaining Fristam pumps. Contact us For more information.

Request parts

You can easily request parts for your Fristam pump using the form below. You will receive a no-obligation quote as soon as possible.

Request maintenance or parts for Fristam pumps

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