Grundfos CR 32-4 AFAE-HQQE - 96121957

Grundfos CR 32-4 AFAE-HQQE - 96121957

The Grundfos CR 32-4 AFAE-HQQE pump is available for delivery. Request the pump or spare parts directly via the form.

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Product nameCR 32-4 AFAE-HQQE
Product number96121957
EAN number5700396680019


Speed on which the pump data is based2919 rpm
Nominal flow30 m³ / h
Nominal head59.1 m
Maximum delivery head77.8 m
Number of reduced impellers0
Shaft seal arrangementOnly
Code for shaft sealHQQE
Approvals on type plateCE, EAC, ACS
Curve toleranceISO9906: 2012 3B
Pump versiona
Fashion modelB.


Pump housingCast iron
 EN 1563 EN-GJS-500-7
 ASTM A536 80-55-06
ImpellerStainless steel
 EN 1.4301
 AISI 304
Material codea
Code for rubberE
Support bearingGraflon


Maximum ambient temperature60 ° C
Maximum operating pressure16 bar
Max. pressure at permitted temp16 bar / 120 ° C
 16 bar / -30 ° C
Type of connectionDIN
Size of the suction connectionDN 65
Size of the pressure connectionDN 65
Pressure stage for pipe connectionPN 40
Flange size of the motorFF265
Code for pipe connectionF.


Fluid handledWater
Fluid temperature range-30 .. 120 ° C
Medium temperature during operation20 ° C
Density998.2 kg / m³


Frequency converterNONE


Minimum Efficiency Index, MEI â ‰ ¥0.70
Net weight110 kg
Gross weight133 kg
Transport volume0.309 m³
Grundfos CR 32-4 AFAE-HQQE pump curve
Grundfos CR 32-4 AFAE-HQQE pump curve
Grundfos CR 32-4 AFAE-HQQE motor curve
Grundfos CR 32-4 AFAE-HQQE motor curve
Grundfos CR 32-4 AFAE-HQQE dimensional drawing
Grundfos CR 32-4 AFAE-HQQE dimensional drawing

Electrical data

Motor standardIEC
Engine type132SB
IE efficiency classIE3
Rated power - P27.5 kW
Power (P2) required for pump7.5 kW
Mains frequency50 Hz
Nominal voltage3 x 220-240D / 380-415Y V
Nominal current25.0-24.2 / 14.4-14.0 A.
Starting current780-910 %
Cos phi - power factor0.88-0.82
Nominal speed2910-2920 rpm
EfficiencyIE3 90.1%
Motor efficiency at rated load90.1-90.4 %
Motor efficiency at 3/4 power90.8 %
Motor efficiency at half power90.8 %
Polar Valley2
Enclosure class (IEC 34-5)55 Dust / Jetting
Insulation class (IEC 85)F.
Motor protectionPTC
Engine No.85U07522

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