Inventflow's 15th anniversary: thank you for your support and trust!

Inventflow celebrates its 15th anniversary!

Inventflow: 15 years of existence. A milestone that deserves our attention. From a single thought, this company sprang up and grew into a thriving business, driven by expertise, passion, flexibility and reliability.

Our unique team, characterized by a quirky DNA and mindset, is completely focused on meeting the needs of our customers and partners. We are committed to continuing to differentiate ourselves by providing constant innovation, excellent customer service and high quality products and solutions. This is what we do it for.

What does Inventflow stand for?

A no-nonsense culture where lines are short, everyone respects each other and we complement each other. Our customers and partners feel that. We don't leave until the job is done. We do what we promise, roll up our sleeves and go. It seems very simple, but in this day and age it is quite special.

“The professionalism of a corporate, the conviviality of a family business”

And what are we aiming for?

Our goal is to provide the entire industry with efficient and reliable pumping systems; this is what makes our Inventflow hearts beat faster. We look to the future with confidence. Our growth ambitions are great. By expanding our range of services and products, we can achieve this growth in the coming years.

Our focus is on quality products and well thought-out solutions for pump systems. We strive to collaborate with our customers on a strategic level and to excel operationally.

  • We deliver quality products and well thought-out solutions
  • We do it as a team
  • We think along at a strategic level and excel operationally
  • We are flexible and creative
  • We go the extra mile when necessary

Contact us

+31 (0)546 45 80 72

Available between 08:15 and 17:00

Available 24/7 for calamities

Address Twentepoort Oost 25, 7609RG Almelo


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