The success of our ABB Smart Sensors!

The success of our ABB Smart Sensors!

ABB Ability Smart Sensors for Pumps

The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor measures vibration, rotational speed (rpm) and temperature and uses this data to gain reliable insights into the condition and performance of your pumps. Based on these measurements, health indicators are established to detect common problems, such as cavitation, bearing failure, imbalance or overheating.

Cost-effective and easy to install

The heart of the solution is a compact sensor that is simply attached to the pump without wiring. The sensor monitors the signals from the pump and accurately measures key parameters at regular intervals.

It transfers the data to a smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth® gateway using built-in Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology. All data is transferred to a secure cloud-based server where it is stored in encrypted form.

Benefits of Condition Monitoring with ABB Smart Sensors

• Cost-effective: €250 – €400 per pump
• Wireless sensor
• Easy to install and retrofit
• Process optimizations reduce operating and energy costs
• Condition-based maintenance reduces costs
• Prevents unexpected downtime
• Extends the life of your assets

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