Discover how smart dosing functions optimize your process!

A suitable pump for every dosing task

Grundfos offers a wide variety of dosing pumps, offering a suitable pump for every dosing task. For example, the Grundfos DDA (Digital Dosing Advanced) is designed for complex, demanding processes.

Looking for a pump with the perfect balance of price and performance for common applications? Then the Grundfos DDC is a very suitable option. Discover the entire range of dosing pumps and read more about smart dosing technologies.

Grundfos Smart Digital XL dosing pump

Smart technologies for complex dispensing tasks

New dosing technologies offer many advanced features that simplify complex dosing tasks. Grundfos combines extremely high dosing accuracy with a wide range of smart technologies in a user-friendly pump design.

Grundfos SMART Digital dosing pumps are easy to configure for specific applications and feature unique technologies such as the 'SlowMode' anti-cavitation function and the 'FLOWADAPT' function. Look at Click here to read more the complete program and find the right pump for your application!

The working principle

View the operation of the advanced control system and smart dosing technologies of Grundfos SMART Digital dosing pumps here.

Grundfos' smart dosing technologies

It FlowControl system detects overpressure, pipe breakage and air bubbles in the dosing head and cavitation on the suction side.

SlowMode dampens the suction stroke to prevent cavitation when pumping highly viscous or degassing liquids.

FLOWADAPT guarantees utmost dosing accuracy, even when system pressure fluctuates.

With the calibration mode you can calibrate your dosing pump for your application so that the displayed values 100% are correct.

Process monitoring: excellent safety through automatic venting, (flow) monitoring and measurement and self-diagnosis.

Batch Dosages: the dosing timer allows you to easily set batch dosing as a repeat cycle.

Which Grundfos dosing pump for your application?

Grundfos Smart Digital S dosing pump

Grundfos Smart Digital S dosing pumps offer extreme accuracy at low dosing volumes and ensure highly reliable and cost-effective processes, combined with the best possible price-performance ratio. Click here to read more .

Grundfos Smart Digital XL dosing pump

The dosing pumps offer many of the same control and communication options as the Grundfos Smart Digital S dosing pumps, but with a greater capacity. read Click here to read more .

Grundfos DME dosing pump

The Grundfos DME is one powerful general purpose metering pump. The pump is extremely accurate, very user-friendly, has a maximum capacity of 940 l/h and a turndown ratio of 1: 800. Click here to read more .

Grundfos DMH dosing pump

Grundfos DMH dosing pumps are extremely strong, robust pumps for applications requiring reliable dosing and high pressure capacity. DMH pumps have very high dosing accuracy and minimal pulsation. Click here to read more .

Grundfos DMX dosing pump

The Grundfos DMX series has a robust diaphragm-based design with high-quality motors. DMX pumps require minimal maintenance and are the best choice for many dosing applications. Click here to read more .

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