How do you ensure optimal performance of your Grundfos pumps?

How do you ensure optimal performance of your Grundfos pumps?

Your Grundfos pumps in optimum condition

To ensure optimal performance of your pumps and guarantee process reliability, maintenance by skilled specialists is essential. Our (15) trained and certified engineers are therefore available 24/7, supplemented by a very extensive stock of complete pumps and spare parts. You can also contact us for the selection of new or replacement pumps or complex challenges within your process and we guarantee a 100% solution!

Always supported

We look beyond the delivery of a pump. After purchase, we support you throughout the entire service life of your Grundfos pumps. From a quick overhaul to preventive and predictive maintenance based on performance monitoring.

Why have your Grundfos pumps serviced by Inventflow?

  • Your partner for Grundfos: our team has been providing you with pump selections, professional maintenance and 24/7 service for 14 years
  • Spare parts: very extensive stock of mechanical seals and other spare parts
  • Authorized Service Partner: once again we were the largest authorized Grundfos Service Partner in the Netherlands in 2021
  • Service Capacity: 15 trained and certified engineers available
  • Response and delivery times: we will provide you with a suitable quote within 24 hours and our stock allows us to use short delivery times
  • 24/7 Service & Support: our team supports you at all times
  • Calamities: wide selection of Grundfos pumps in stock for emergencies

Contact us

+31 (0)546 45 80 72

Available between 08:15 and 17:00

Available 24/7 for calamities

Address Twentepoort Oost 25, 7609RG Almelo


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