Do you experience high replacement costs for mechanical seals?

Do you experience high replacement costs for mechanical seals?

Why have your mechanical seals overhauled?

Seal failure is the number one cause of pump and agitator shutdowns. You can replace a damaged seal, but our experience shows that seals can often be overhauled, resulting in cost savings of up to 70%.

Free request: mechanical seal overhaul crate!

We therefore introduce the Inventflow mechanical seal overhaul crate. We deliver the crate free of charge, in which you can store your damaged seals. The crate is emptied monthly, after which you are provided with revised seals in top condition. Read more about the advantages of our method.

Read more about mechanical seal overhaul

  • Cost saving: save up to 70% in unnecessary replacement costs
  • Brand Independent: we overhaul all brands and types of mechanical seals for both pumps and agitators
  • Transparency: you will receive a clear quote before the revision is carried out
  • Sustainable approach: no unnecessary replacement of mechanical seals
  • Always a solution: Can the seal not be overhauled or was the damage caused by using an incorrect seal for your application? We provide you with a suitable alternative!

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