How do you ensure optimal performance of your Grundfos pumps?

Success case: high-pressure pumps for crate washing installation in beer brewery

Successful Crate Washer Pump Selection

A suitable high-pressure pump is essential for the optimal functioning of a crate washing installation. We are therefore happy to explain a very successful pump selection, to replace a maintenance-sensitive high-pressure plunger pump, which no longer supplied the desired pressure.

The process conditions

The requested pump had to be suitable for pumping filtered well water at approx. 45C. in which light traces of lye (< 0.5%), with a capacity of 100 ltr/min at a pressure of 80 barg. The pump also had to be suitable for about 100 hours a week of continuous operation. The pump is mainly used for removing stickers which are stuck on the crates by carriers and supermarkets, among others.

Pump Selection: Wanner Hydra-Cell Diaphragm Pump

Based on the mentioned process conditions, a Wanner Hydra-Cell hydraulically balanced diaphragm pump, developed for high pressures, was selected. The Wanner Hydra-Cell pump is a shaft-sealless pump and is completely leak- and emission-free. The pump is suitable for viscous products, products with solids (max. 1.5 mm) and products with a high temperature (max. 130°C). This in combination with pressures up to 345 barg.

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