DEPA diaphragm pumps: from hygienic media to aggressive chemicals

DEPA diaphragm pumps: a pump for every process

DEPA® is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality and durable diaphragm pumps. The brand offers a huge variety of highly reliable and efficient pumps with various designs for very different processes.

The wide variety of pump types makes them extremely suitable for viscous, hygienic, corrosive, aggressive liquids and this under the most difficult conditions and in the most demanding applications.

Available DEPA pump types

  • Metal pumps (aluminum, cast iron, cast stainless steel, hastelloy)
  • Hygienic pumps (316L, 304 stainless steel)
  • High pressure pumps (up to 21 bar)
  • Plastic pumps (polypropylene, PVDF or PTFE)
  • Powder pumps
  • Pumps suitable for ATEX zone 0

Features of hygienic DL DEPA diaphragm pumps

  • Subtle treatment of liquids and viscous products
  • Minimal maintenance due to few wearing parts
  • Extremely suitable for abrasive and viscous media, shear sensitive media and media with solid parts
  • Suitable for unlimited dry running
  • No mechanical seals
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Fast and easy disassembly
  • Suitable for CIP (Clean In Place) and SIP (Sterilize In Place)
  • Due to the v-frame, the pump can easily and fast turn into emptied (optional)

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