"We go a long way in service: we unburden customers 24/7 using our own smart software"

"We go a long way in service: we unburden customers 24/7 using our own smart software"

Get to know our service team

“We unburden you in the field of pumps, through preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance. From a quick overhaul of a pump to the maintenance of a complete range of pumps. We do this on location at the customer or in our own service location. We also go a long way in service. we unburden customers 24/7 using our own smart software ”, says Planner Pascal Pouwel.

Proactive advice

“In service and maintenance we go for the complete unburdening of our customers. We provide proactive advice based on very extensive inspection reports. We focus on pumps and valves, but also take process conditions in consideration, such as an incorrectly laid or broken pipe. With this we offer just that little bit of extra service. Our specialized and trained service technicians carry out maintenance. They record all maintenance and overhauls with photos, to make it extra transparent for our customers ”.

Inventflow Service Center

Jos Stegeman: “In order to be able to map out exactly where each pumps is located in a factory, we developed our own smart software, the driving force behind our service. It offers the customer and us a complete digital database and thus control over the production process. All of customers' pumps are shown here at a glance ”.

If you zoom in on product-item level, our Service Center offers complete insight into the selected product and its components. The customer can find general data, product photos for verification and all history about the product on one dashboard. In addition, this dashboard provides him with up-to-date information regarding the service level of the process equipment and an overview of current communication at a specific product level. In short, all data is available digitally in one user-friendly overview.

24/7 Service & Support

“We are available to our customers day and night. We are available 24/7 and the customer always gets a specialist on the phone, who is able to quickly identify what is going on and take the necessary measures adequately. The specialist immediately calls in a service technician who on site quickly. In this way we assure our customers of a continuous production process. ”

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