Intelligent dosing pumps: a new era of dosing technology

A new era of dosing technology

The latest Grundfos dosing technologies offer numerous benefits for you and your processes. For instance, the intuitive user interface gives you access to a wide range of highly advanced functions and features.

This makes the pumps easy to configure for specific applications and monitor your processes through functions such as automatic deaeration, flow monitoring and detection of overpressure, pipe rupture, air bubbles and cavitation.

Unique technologies from Grundfos

The FlowControl system detects overpressure, pipe rupture and air bubbles in the dosing head and cavitation on the suction side.

The automatic deaeration function prevents air bubbles from forming in the dosing head, so that your process is not interrupted.

FLOWADAPT guarantees utmost dosing accuracy, even when the system pressure fluctuates.

The unique benefits of Grundfos Smart Digital Dosing

  • Accuracy: with a turndown ratio of up to 1: 3000, highly accurate dosing is guaranteed
  • Flexibility: extremely flexible and easy to configure for specific applications
  • Usability: very user-friendly due to intuitive wheel and button interfaces and clear navigation menus
  • Process monitoring: excellent safety through automatic deaeration, (flow) monitoring and measurement and self-diagnosis
  • Minimal maintenance: robust pump components such as the full PTFE diaphragm provide thousands of hours of reliable operation before the need for service

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