Inventflow in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Did you know that Inventflow supplies specialized pumps that meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry? In pharmaceutical production, the quality of pumps is essential, and Inventflow ensures that all requirements and certifications are strictly adhered to.

But when is a pump suitable for the pharmaceutical industry?

Sterile pump requirements

The pumps used in the pharmaceutical industry must comply with an extensive range of international laws, regulations and guidelines. The highest possible level of microbiological safety is essential throughout the entire production process. plays in this context the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) certificate plays a crucial role. This certificate ensures that the pump has been thoroughly tested for cleanability, which means that no bacteria can grow after a thorough cleaning and drainage procedure.

Equally important is the certification of the materials from which the pump is made, for example the 3.1 certificate, surface roughness reports and FDA USP Class VI.

These certifications ensure that the pumps not only meet the highest hygienic standards, but also the strict material quality requirements in the pharmaceutical sector.

Good cleanability

Cleaning the installations is crucial for both the general safety of the pumping process and ultimately for the production of pharmaceutical products. Consistent implementation of the correct pharmaceutical pumps enhances the safety of the cleaning process, reducing time, temperature and detergent concentration.

From an economic point of view, effective cleanability is also of great importance, given the significant water and detergent consumption during the cleaning process. In addition, a longer cleaning process entails higher energy costs, which leads to longer production downtime. Fast and efficient cleaning not only benefits the end product quality, but also ensures fast, sustainable and efficient production. This not only meets the highest standards, but also promotes overall business efficiency.

No dead spaces and completely drainable

An important aspect in the design of pumps in the pharmaceutical industry is that there are no dead spaces and that they are drainable. The image above shows a vertical multi-stage pump in which dead spaces are minimized. With this design there is no need for drains, as the surfaces are placed at an angle of only 3 degrees, the liquid can drain completely. This means that no residues can remain in the pump. This is essential because any remaining fluid can cause contamination.

Importance of good sealing of the seal

Another important aspect is the sealing of the pump. This is the most common cause of malfunctions. There are therefore different requirements for a sterile mechanical seal:

  • Sealed and rinsed sterile mechanical seal
  • CIP/SIP suitable design
  • Chemical resistance to the product, cleaning agents and sterilizing agents
  • Mechanical seals made of SiC/SiC composites and O-rings EPDM USP Class VI
  • Double-acting mechanical seals only in tandem design with pressureless flushing

Choose the right pump with Inventflow!

With Inventflow's pump selection you can count on the right pump solutions for your pharmaceutical applications. Rely on Inventflow's expertise for high-quality, hygienic and reliable pumping equipment. Knowing more? Please contact us. 

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