Do you know the features and benefits of peristaltic pumps?


Peristaltic pumps are used to pump a very wide range of applications.

The medium is moved by means of a peristaltic hose attached in the pump housing. This hose is pressed shut by a rotor which is fitted with bearing rollers. By pressing shut and opening the hose, underpressure is created, causing the hose to become full of liquid.

Subsequently, the liquid is trapped between two rollers and the liquid is forced out of the pump housing by the rotating movement. The liquid is sucked in again on the suction side, so that this process continues continuously.


The working principle of hose pumps guarantees a constant, pulsation-free flow of liquids. In addition, the hose always remains completely closed, so that the liquid cannot flow back.

Peristaltic pumps: for which applications?

The peristaltic hose is the characteristic part of the peristaltic pump through which the medium is pumped. Because the medium only comes into contact with the hose, this makes the pump type particularly suitable for pumping aggressive, viscous and sterile liquids. Peristaltic pumps are therefore mainly used for 'challenging' applications such as abrasive slurries, corrosive acids, large solids and gaseous liquids and products with a high viscosity or products that are sensitive to shear. This includes oils and fats, dairy products, animal feed, but also manure and chemicals.

The added value of the pump type

Important unique properties of the pump type are: a very constant flow, dry self-priming, suitable for solids, not sensitive to contamination due to the closed design, unlimited dry running, easy to clean in-line and the pumps have no valves, seals or gaskets.

Peristaltic pumps in the Inventflow Service Center

Six important properties of peristaltic pumps

1. Very constant flow: the pump housing is vacuumed with a patented vacuum system. As a result, both the pump flow rate and the suction force of the pump remain very constant.
2. Extremely high flow rate up to 46m³/h at constant speed.
3. No product damage: the (viscous) medium is subtly pumped without product damage.
4. Dry self-priming up to 9.5m (water column) without additional accessories.
5. Solids with a diameter of up to 60 mm are no challenge.
6. Very maintenance-friendly: easy to maintain, with only one wear part (the hose)

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