Customer story Dreumex & Inventflow

Customer story: Dreumex finds pump solutions at Inventflow

A morning at Dreumex, a bustling factory in the heart of Brabant. The production lines are running at full speed, and the sound of machines mixes with the dedicated efforts of the team. Martijn Prinsen, the production manager, takes a moment to reflect on the successful collaboration with Inventflow. Dreumex was recently confronted with a challenging calamity during the start-up of a new production line. At that critical moment, Inventflow offered a suitable and effective solution.

About Dreumex: the company

Dreumex is a company committed to promoting hygiene and cleanliness in both corporate and public environments, a principle they strongly believe in. For more than 70 years, Dreumex has been developing and producing specialized hand cleaning, industrial cleaning and disinfection products to protect the health of customers and prevent the spread of disease.

The company is a pioneer in hygiene and cleaning solutions, continuously adapting to the changing needs of the world and its customers. Dreumex products are used worldwide in various sectors where health and hygiene are essential.

The challenge: seized pumps during peak production

Dreumex was faced with a critical problem: their gear pumps seized up during the production of a new hand cleaner formula. “Our old cleaners had a lubricating effect on the rotating parts, but the improved soap formulation significantly reduced this effect,” Martijn explains. With production stalled and the need for a quick and effective solution, Dreumex turned to several suppliers without satisfactory results.

Inventflow's role: innovative problem solving and efficient implementation

The situation took a positive turn when Harry from Inventflow showed up on our doorstep. Inventflow stood out because of their willingness to take on a challenge where others were reluctant. “Harry not only saw it as a challenge, but also immediately offered practical advice about our pipe configuration,” says Martijn. Inventflow's approach was comprehensive – they looked beyond the pump issue and focused on Dreumex's entire production process.

Inventflow introduced a temporary Seepex worm pump as an interim solution while production was kept running. This type of pump not only proved to be suitable for the new soap formula, but was also a cost-efficient solution compared to the original gear pumps and the proposed peristaltic pumps. “The Seepex worm pump performed well under our mixing tank and helped us quickly make the transition to the storage tank,” Martijn explains further.

Result: a collaboration that leads to production improvement and growth

The switch to Seepex worm pumps meant a significant improvement for Dreumex. The sustainable and efficient solution matched perfectly with the improved hand cleaner formula and led to uninterrupted production. With four new Seepex worm pumps operational, Dreumex now ensures streamlined production and distribution of their hand cleaners.

The power of Seepex worm pumps
Seepex worm pumps are used in a variety of industries for their ability to pump a variety of fluids, including viscous fluids, solid media, metering and more.

Properties such as a very constant, minimally pulsating and accurately dosable flow, a high volumetric efficiency and good suction properties make the pump type an excellent choice for many industries that are looking for an efficient and reliable pump.

The collaboration between Dreumex and Inventflow illustrates the importance of technical knowledge and innovative thinking in the production industry. The focus on bringing together experience and new techniques in staff development, as emphasized by Martijn, demonstrates Dreumex's commitment to growth and efficiency.

Looking ahead: education and development for the future

Dreumex is not only focused on their current success but also invests in the future by training their employees in technical and operational skills. Inventflow remains a key partner in this journey by serving not only as a supplier, but also as a source of knowledge and development for Dreumex's team.

The story of Dreumex and Inventflow is a powerful example of how an unforeseen challenge can lead to improved operations and production capacity, enhanced by the value of a trained and efficiently collaborative team.

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