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As a leading maker of sauces, dressings and fats, Remia has become an integral part of the daily lives of millions of Dutch people. The delicious products, high-profile campaigns, product and packaging innovations have made Remia a strong brand. Remia has been working with Inventflow for over 13 years. So it was high time to look back at the success story behind the collaboration. In Den Dolder, the sauce heart of the Netherlands, we meet work planner Ed Oostveen.

Remia, the company

Ed Oostveen: “Remia has been a real family business for 97 years. Founded in 1925 by Mr. A. de Rooij. Remia now has 480 employees, of which about 250 work in the sauce factory. The entire company is in this area, from marketing to product development. There are two factories, a margarine and fat factory and the sauce factory, each with a technical department. I support the technical service for the sauce factory, consisting of 25 technicians, as a work planner.

We have grown strongly in recent years and we will continue to do so. And yet Remia remains a true family business.

A day as a work planner at Remia

Oostveen: “I don't know a standard day. The transfer of work takes place at the beginning of the day. Based on that, I know what happened in the night or evening shift and what steps we need to take and where the focus should be. I am responsible for the maintenance of all process components, order parts, provide revisions and provide some engineering support. I'm mostly busy with that. Extremely varied and certainly challenging, which I think is the beauty of the profession!”.

The successful collaboration

Oostveen: “We have been working with Inventflow for years. The cooperation started when there were problems in the dosing area. When pumping sauce with a lobe pump and then packaging it, problems arose with dosing. So there was simply too much sauce in the bottle, to make sure we didn't fill it too little.

Screw spindle pumps are positive displacement pumps with rotating spindles that rotate together without contact, so that the liquid is moved in axial direction.

The rotating spindles ensure a constant, pulsation-free liquid flow.

Screw spindle pumps are very suitable for pumping low and high viscous liquids without solids.

Technical specifications

  • Maximum capacity 200 m3 / h
  • Maximum temperature 130 ° C
  • Viscosity from 0.5 to 1,000,000 mPas
  • Delivery pressure max. 30 bar

read Click here to read more more about screw pumps.

Inventflow advised to replace the lobe pump with a screw spindle pump. With this pump type, exactly the required amount of sauce can be dosed and unnecessary loss is prevented. Subsequently, one of our rotary lobe pumps failed to achieve the required pumping capacity with a low viscosity product. We also used a screw spindle pump here, which solved the problem. An additional advantage is that the pumps continue to run during the CIP process. We now have four screw spindle pumps, which are performing satisfactorily”. Finally, Remia has Inventflow take care of the maintenance and supply of spare parts for the pumps in the processes.

The Inventflow Service Center: the basis for pump maintenance

Oostveen: “The Service Center has been rolled out here to map all pumps, which is an important guideline for us. We can work well with it, our mechanics, my manager and I use it a lot”.

“We use the platform during our annual reviews, among other things. The pump is dismantled and our technician uses the platform to log the work. For example, if a seal is replaced, this is recorded in the Service Center. This way we build up a history and we can perform analyses. This gives us insight into which pumps are more likely to cause malfunctions and require maintenance”.

The foundation for success

Oostveen: “Why has the collaboration with Inventflow been very good for years? It is also a family business, with short lines, a good price-quality ratio and passion! That's important to me. If I have a problem, I can contact Inventflow directly. In addition, technicians from Remia regularly go to Inventflow to follow pump training and that works very well”.

Internal training center

Remia has its own training center and basic training for operators with a duration of three weeks. It covers various themes, including food safety, core values, standards and values of Remia, but also a piece of technology. The technology theme is divided into five modules, including pumps. In this way, all process operators become familiar with the most common pump types, including centrifugal pumps, lobe pumps and screw spindle pumps. The training is complemented by Inventflow pump training.

Oostveen: “During the course, they immerse themselves in how pumps work and what they are used for. Remia believes it is important that everyone who comes into contact with pumps has the necessary basic knowledge. In addition to theory lessons, the training includes practical assignments, and tests are conducted on the various themes. In addition to sharing knowledge in this way, we want to keep our people involved in the company. We get a lot of positive feedback about the training sessions and we also get a lot of fun out of it ourselves!”

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