Customer story: from labour-intensive meat processing to a hygienic process

Customer story: from labour-intensive meat processing to a hygienic process

The challenges of a poultry slaughterhouse

A large poultry slaughterhouse in the west of the Netherlands provides customers throughout Europe with a wide range of excellent chicken products. Transporting chicken carcasses is an important part of this, but presented several challenges. Inventflow was given the opportunity to provide the slaughterhouse with an efficient, safe and hygienic solution.

Labor-intensive meat processing

The slaughterhouse processes more than 180,000 chickens per week, with the chicken carcasses being manually transported through the production area in open trays. This labour-intensive process caused hygiene risks, so a suitable alternative was sought.

The hygienic solution

Since the chicken carcasses were transported manually in open bins, the old method placed high demands on the physical cleaning of the bins. This made the process laborious and labour-intensive, in addition to which the open system entailed certain risks.

The JS Proputec rotary vane pump in a closed system was the solution, in which the carcasses are transported over 50 meters. As a result, manual work is largely avoided, with hygiene and safety being greatly improved.


Customer case: advantages of the JS Proputec rotary vane pump

Improved hygiene: the product remains in a closed system during transport, limiting hygiene problems
Labor reduction: less manpower required by automation
Space saving: no cooling space required for temporary storage of the carcasses
• Wear-resistant: extremely wear-resistant pump that can handle high-viscosity materials with large solids and particles
Efficient: energy-efficient way of transport over long distances
High capacity: max. 200 m³/h
• mbasic maintenance and no manual operation required

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