Success story Vrumona & Inventflow: from Crystal Clear to Pepsi produced in Bunnik!

Success story Vrumona & Inventflow: from Crystal Clear to Pepsi produced in Bunnik!

A decade-long partnership

Vrumona has been a highly valued customer of Inventflow for over ten years. So it's high time to pay a visit and talk about what makes the collaboration successful. Vrumona is one of the largest producers of our favorite soft drinks and juices. Vrumona, the name that originated in 1953 from the word (Vru)chtenli(mona)de, has a broad portfolio of premium brands including Sourcy, Sisi, Crystal Clear, Royal Club and Climax as own brands and Pepsi, 7-Up and Lipton Ice under license. 

Vrumona was the first soft drink producer in the Netherlands to market low-calorie soft drinks. With a commitment to “good and healthy drinks for everyone” and the goal of making low-calorie soft drinks the standard by 2030, they are one of the most progressive soft drinks producers in this area.

Ruud van der Burg, Maintenance Engineer at Vrumona, takes us through the story behind the soft drink bottling plant and the collaboration with Inventflow. With his first working day on January 1, 1989, Ruud knows the factory like no other. “When I came here, we were producing 1.9 million hectoliters on an annual basis. This has now grown to 3.5 million hectoliters.”

Ruud tells us about the maintenance work that the unique processes entail, where the delicious drinks are made with a number of raw materials. “As a maintenance engineer you focus on maintenance plans and improvement proposals. At Vrumona, this also involves a part of spare part management, management of master data, management of maintenance systems and management.”

Constant optimization of maintenance processes

Drawing up maintenance plans and performing preventive maintenance is nothing new for Vrumona. For example, such plans have been elaborated in a maintenance information system since 1995. By maintaining a good ratio between corrective and preventive maintenance, urgent errors are minimized and a continuous process is guaranteed.

The role of the Inventflow Service Center

“As responsible for the maintenance system (SAP), I am constantly working to make it as easy as possible for the end user. That is why we use the Inventflow Service Center, which is linked to our SAP system,” says Ruud. 

The Service Center serves as a supplement to existing maintenance systems such as SAP. All of the customers' pumps are inventoried by Inventflow Service Engineers. From its own maintenance system, the customer has access to detailed pump data, including technical data, documentation, photos, service levels and maintenance history.

Ruud continues enthusiastically: “To date, we and the man on the floor are happy with the addition. An important advantage is that the platform is also accessible via an app. With a telephone or tablet we scan the QR code on the pump and we have direct access to all data.”

“We have insight into which pumps are in the factory, with accompanying documentation such as data sheets. In addition, the spare parts of each pump have been added to the system, which we like. Another important advantage is that you are open to changes. If we give feedback regarding the platform, then something is really done with it,” he continues.

Standardization and spare part management

Like many manufacturing companies, Vrumona strives for standardization of pump manufactures where possible. For projects or modifications, a list of standardized brands is maintained, in which Grundfos plays an important role. 

As a Grundfos A partner, Inventflow provides its customers with optimal pump selections, Grundfos training for engineers, an extensive stock of pumps and spare parts, fast delivery times and short response times.

Ruud adds: “What is now on the agenda is to fully map out spare part management. Which spare parts do we need to have in stock, what does Inventflow have ready; in this way we can limit our stock and reduce additional costs.”

The importance of good partners

Vrumona has been working closely with Inventflow for over ten years. Ruud emphasizes the importance of a strong partnership with a pump specialist: “Pumps often require a different treatment than other process components. We were therefore looking for a partner with the right expertise, who is also flexible enough to switch quickly if necessary. It is important that you can immediately look at problems and challenges together with a specialist. We are therefore very satisfied with Inventflow as a partner!”

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