Kytola SLM Seal Water Flow Meter

Huge water and energy savings

Sufficient cooling and lubrication are essential for any seal. However, due to uncontrolled flushing, the required water and energy consumption increases. You can easily realize huge cost savings by reducing excess water flow with fine tuning of the water flow and pressure of the seal.

The Kytola SLM Seal Water Flow Meter is therefore specially designed for mechanical seals in processes where uninterrupted sealing water flow is required.

The innovative design offers durability and flexibility

The various Kytola seal water flow meters guarantee compatibility with all types of mechanical seals. The strong and compact design ensures maximum resistance to external influences.

The Kytola SLM is also optimized to withstand polluted water.
Reliable and accurate flow measurement is based on a variable surface measurement principle using a float. The sealing water flow meter can also be easily equipped with an alarm output by means of a sensor.

  • Single and double mechanical seals
  • Stuffing box packings
  • Rinse water
  • Other flow measurements
  • Clog Resistant Flow Control Valve
  • Built-in tube cleaner
  • Hose Barb Connectors
  • Alternative connectors on request
  • mounting bracket
  • Very reliable operation
  • Solid construction
  • Less maintenance on mechanical seals
  • Built-in cleaner does not affect operation
  • Excellent corrosion and heat resistance
  • All models are alarm ready

Technical specifications

MaterialsPOM (PVDF optional material, code “K”)
flow tubePSU with standard POM housing (optional borosilicate glass tube, code “L”) or . tube
borosilicate glass with PVDF housing, material code “K” (optional PSU tube, code “KM”)
Metal partsAISI 316, AISI 329
O-ring sealsViton®
Max. Busy20 bar
Max. temperature100°C
Connectors3/8” (10mm) Hose Fittings
Weight1.2 kg (SLM), 2.4 kg (SLMx-2) incl. pressure gauge and pressure regulator

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