Calculate the payback time of a pressurized water system!

Calculate the payback time of a pressurized water system!

Did you earn back your investment quickly? Let us calculate it!

Replacing an outdated booster set often results in significantly lower maintenance and energy costs and many other benefits. Are you curious about the payback time when replacing your old pressurized water system? Let our specialists make a no-obligation calculation!

Compensation when trading in your old pressurized water system

By exchanging your pressurized water set for a Grundfos Hydro MPC (E), you benefit from lower purchase, maintenance and energy costs, minimal down-time and a reduced CO2 footprint! In addition, you will receive compensation of up to €2000 when you trade in an old pressurized water system.

Grundfos MPC-E: the most efficient pressurized water system

The Grundfos Hydro MPC-E booster set offers an extremely reliable and versatile pressure boosting solution that provides you with plug-and-pump installation, quick and easy configuration and optimum energy efficiency. The Hydro MPC-E continuously adapts automatically to the demand profile through the intelligent use of pump curves and cascade functions.

  • efficiency: the MPC-E is equipped with the highest efficiency MGE IE5 classified motors.
  • Proportional pressure adjusts the pump head based on the actual need to optimize energy efficiency.
  • Improved performance: integrated sensors optimize system performance by changing the setpoint based on the measured values.
  • Safety: each pump outlet is equipped with a check valve (NRV) to prevent backflow when the pump is not running.
  • No water hammer: slow system filling prevents water hammer.
  • Insight: business information such as operating hours, power consumption and energy consumption easily accessible via your own app.

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