Read about our initiatives for a circular industry!

Towards a circular industry

At Inventflow we strive to contribute as much as possible to the path to a circular industry. We do so because we believe that it is essential for our future, but also because it offers interesting benefits for you.

Making processes more sustainable and saving costs

The industry offers a lot of room for initiatives that can make your processes more sustainable, through which you can also save costs. This includes extending the lifespan of your pumps, the purchase of used pumps, revision of mechanical seals and cost control regarding pump revisions.

The platform for used pumps

IndustriePlaza is thé online platform for used pumps and other process components such as valves and motors. The platform gives you access to very competitively priced pumps in great condition with warranty.


Service life extension

Extending the life of your pumps is one of our specialties. Optimal and timely maintenance play an important role in this.

Reuse of materials

Together with our suppliers, we are involved in circular initiatives such as the reuse of materials. read Click here to read more for example, more about it in the sustainability report of our main supplier Grundfos.

Reuse of pumps

With our IndustryPlaza platform, we give used pumps a second life. The pumps are of course in top condition and can be used immediately for a new application.

Cost control of pump revisions

The cost of parts often determines the choice to overhaul or replace a pump. We consider this in pump selections to encourage overhauls and reduce your costs.

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