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Mechanical seal overhaul

Inventflow supplies and revises a wide range of mechanical seals for almost every industry and application. Failure of the mechanical seal is the most common cause of pump shutdown. In addition, failures, leaks and reduced performance of a pump are very often caused by a problem with the mechanical seal.

If your mechanical seal is defective, you can send the seal to us. The seal is inspected and it is determined whether revision is possible or whether the seal needs to be replaced. Before any action is taken, we will offer you a clear, no-obligation quotation and the options will be discussed with you.

Our method

Cleaning Mechanical Seal

Before the mechanical seal can be inspected, it is disassembled and cleaned. The seal is cleaned manually, after which it is put in an ultrasonic immersion bath. Corrosion or stubborn dirt can also be removed with glass bead blasting.

Mechanical seal inspection and analysis

After cleaning, the mechanical seal is inspected for the following aspects:

  • Corrosion and damage to the o-ring / gasket surfaces
  • Height and condition of the treads
  • Roundness and dimensions of the shaft sleeve and clamping rings
  • Length and resilience of the springs
  • Contact surfaces and screw thread
  • Cleats and spacers of the seal
  • Passage of the blocking / flush / quench connections
  • Overall condition of the pens

Our working methods

The findings are reported and on the basis of this, you will receive a quotation (including pump and / or article number) for revision of the mechanical seal. If you agree with the quotation, Inventflow will revise your mechanical seal as soon as possible. Inventflow has all the necessities, knowledge and experience to provide you with a professional service.


Analysis and improvements

Our service goes beyond the overhaul or supply of mechanical seals. With each assignment, the application and stand requirements are analyzed and any improvements are proposed and applied. For example, applying other tread combinations or machining parts to extend tool life.

If it is not worthwhile to overhaul the mechanical seal, we can supply you with a replacement mechanical seal. We assess the technical and logistical options for you in order to save costs and improve productivity.

Mechanical seal Fig

Delivery mechanical seals

Inventflow supplies mechanical seals for almost every pump brand, industry and application. We supply mechanical seals to the following industries:

  • Foods
  • Water treatment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemistry
  • Hydraulic installations and equipment
  • Paper
  • Refineries
  • Installation technology
  • Renewable energy
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Machine tools

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