DEPA pumps

DEPA pumps

DEPA pumps are known for their high-quality and innovative design and are used for a wide variety of applications. The pumps are ideal for pumping all types of liquids. Due to the extensive selection of pump materials, the pumps can be used for corrosive, aggressive and highly viscous liquids. The pumps prove themselves under the most difficult conditions and in the most demanding applications.

A DEPA pump for every application

Due to the innovative designs and the extensive selection of materials, DEPA pumps can be used for almost any liquid. For example, the plastic pump program from DEPA (series M) solution for processes in which metal parts are not resistant to corrosive media. The diaphragm pumps are available with EHEDG certification for hygienic processes within the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

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Depa pumps: the offer

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