New partnership: Landia pumps!

New partnership: Landia pumps!

New partnership Landia & Inventflow

Landia and Inventflow have entered into a new partnership for the sale and maintenance of Landia chopper pumps. The unique pump design makes it a valuable addition to our range. With a unique external cutting system in front of the pump inlet, the fluid to be pumped is cut before it enters the pump housing.

External cutting system prevents blockages

Landia chopper pumps are equipped with an external cutting system, completely separated from the pump housing and the impeller. This makes the pump type extremely suitable for pumping highly contaminated media with a high concentration of solids. Abrasive, highly viscous and aggressive media pose no challenge to the robust pump design.

Landia pumps: the applications

Landia chopper pumps are used for a variety of challenging applications, including; wastewater treatment, food processing, pulp and paper, aquaculture, oil and gas and more.

Distinguishing features of Landia chopper pumps

• External cutting system: the fluid to be pumped is cut by an external cutting system in front of the pump inlet, before it enters the pump housing
• Maintenance-friendly: because the pump can be installed dry outside a tank, the pump can be maintained more easily than if a chopper has to be placed in the tank
• Abrasive media: Landia pumps are equipped with materials developed for abrasive particles, which significantly extend the life of the pumps
• High viscous media: the chopper pumps are designed to handle high viscosity fluids, such as sewage sludge, without any challenge
• Minimal wear: wear on the pump housing, impeller and sealing system is minimized by the external cutting system
• Various pump types: both dry-installed pumps and submersible pumps available for pumping heavily contaminated liquids with high concentrations of solids
• Stainless steel: the pumps are available in AISI 316 stainless steel for aggressive liquids

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