New pump in our program: the JS Proputec multi-plate pump!

The unique construction of the JS plate pump makes it possible to pump challenging media with large and hard particles such as bones, tissues and fat. This allows non-homogeneous products to be pumped over long distances. The pump is used for applications such as offal, krill, fish residues and animal feed.

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Customer story: VP-Systems & Inventflow

When you hear the word 'manure' you quickly think of smell, dirt and nuisance. Henk Willems of VP-Systems explains how he wants to put an end to this with a unique air treatment system. Why Willem's air washer is unique?

“An air scrubber is very important, because on the one hand you want to prevent nuisance and reduce emissions, on the other hand you want to recover as many nutrients as possible. By developing an air washer that makes this possible, you benefit from it and it works both ways. ”

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Dosing hygienic media directly in your process?

The demand for pumps with which hygienic media can be dosed directly into a process is growing. In collaboration with Prominent, an intelligent dosing pump was therefore developed with which liquids and additives can be dosed as accurately as possible within hygienic processes.

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The Inventflow team wishes you a Happy New Year!

In essence, our focus remains unchanged. Our team works with a common goal: safeguarding and optimizing your processes. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We do this with; 32 highly motivated and trained employees, a large stock and an ultimate Service Center 4.0.

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