New extension of our program: the JS Proputec lamella pump

The pump for the toughest tasks

The unique construction of the JS lamella pump makes it possible to pump challenging media with large and hard particles such as bones, tissues and fat. This allows non-homogeneous products to be pumped over long distances. The pump is used for applications such as offal, krill, fish residues and animal feed. 

Due to the compact design and the possibility to pump in a closed pipe system, the pump is a very suitable replacement for other systems such as screw conveyors, worm pumps and conveyor belts. In addition, the pump has lower energy and maintenance costs and a higher capacity.

JS Proputec multi-plate pump

JS Easy Clean lamella pump

The JS Easy Clean lamella pump is designed for industries where hygiene is paramount.

The pumps have the same features as our standard pumps, but with a hinged side panel. This allows one side of the pump to be opened, making it easily accessible for cleaning and inspection.

JS Proputec A / S offers all variants of the pump in stainless steel for industries with higher requirements and standards. JS supplies pumps that are made from materials that come into contact with foodstuffs in accordance with Regulation EN 1935/2004.

Case: meat processing industry

The lamella pump offers solutions for transporting, grinding and handling raw materials within meat processing processes. The pump is suitable for processing by-products from the fish, poultry and meat processing industry, among other things.

By-products not intended for human consumption are converted into valuable and useful materials such as oils, proteins and minerals.

Technical specifications

The JS lamella pump is available in six different sizes. See technical specifications per size / model below.

Capacity (m3/ h)2-105-2010-3020-7030-12050-200
Max. recommended working pressure (bar)101010101010
Max. design pressure (bar)151515151515
Pipe length (m)1-3001-3001-3001-3001-3001-300
Pipe connections (Ø mm)100150200250300350
Length (mm) A.530629670860964969
Total height (mm) B.375468500640801785
Center height (mm) C.221283304367445495
Flange inlet outside (mm)186 × 200236 × 240306 × 260405 × 405460 × 444534 × 484
Flange inlet inside (mm)106 × 120156 × 160206 × 160296 × 281336 × 320384 × 334
Flange outlet outside (mm)186 × 200236 × 240306 × 260405 × 350460 × 404534 × 460
Flange outlet inside (mm)106 × 120156 × 160206 × 160296 × 223336 × 280384 × 310
Weight (kg)1102203205708601.050
Capacity (m3/ h)2-105-2010-30
Max. recommended working pressure (bar)101010
Max. design pressure (bar)151515
Pipe length (m)1-3001-3001-300
Pipe connections (Ø mm)100150200
Length (mm) A.530629670
Total height (mm) B.375468500
Weight (kg)110220320
Capacity (m3/ h)20-7030-12050-200
Max. recommended working pressure (bar)101010
Max. design pressure (bar)151515
Pipe length (m)1-3001-3001-300
Pipe connections (Ø mm)250300350
Length (mm) A.860964969
Total height (mm) B.640801785
Weight (kg)5708601.050

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