Problems due to long delivery times? 200+ pumps for immediate loan, rent or sale!

Your processes must of course continue to run optimally at all times. You also want to prevent projects from being delayed due to pumps that are not delivered (on time). However, the current long delivery times of many pump suppliers do not always make this easy. We are therefore happy to assist you where necessary, with a wide range of pumps that you can immediately borrow, rent or take over.

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Customer Story: Jellice & Inventflow

From the Haribo bears, licorice or toffees to cosmetic products and capsules, it all contains the binding agent gelatin. We visited one of the largest gelatin producers in the Netherlands, Jellice in Emmen. The company has been a valued customer of Inventflow for over 10 years. Together with Jacques van de Beld, Maintenance Manager at Jellice, we took a look behind the scenes and looked back at the successful collaboration.

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What advantages do twin screw pumps offer for your process?

Twin screw pumps are positive displacement pumps with rotating screws that rotate into each other without contact, so that the medium is moved in axial direction. The pump design offers many valuable features, including: a constant, pulsation-free liquid flow, optimal hygiene (EHEDG, 3A), capacities up to 310 m³/h and a viscosity range up to 1,000,000 mPas.

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Get a grip on your pump fleet with the Service Center!

All your pumps are inventoried by our Service Center team. The data obtained is processed and supplemented in our platform. You then have access to a complete overview of all your pumps, with associated technical data, documentation, photos, maintenance history, 24/7 service & support and more!

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