SIHI pumps: the benefits of maintenance by Inventflow

About SIHI pumps

SIHI has been a leading manufacturer of innovative chemical process pumps, industrial pumps, hot liquid pumps, side channel pumps, high pressure pumps, sanitary pumps and more for over 80 years.

Maintenance of your SIHI pumps

With years of experience through hundreds of revisions of SIHI pumps, our engineers assure you of optimally functioning vacuum and liquid pumps. Read about the advantages of our method.

Digital and transparent

Before the maintenance takes place, you will receive a clear quotation, so that you will never be faced with surprises. After maintenance has been carried out on your pump, you will receive a detailed digital inspection report containing an overview of the work performed and associated costs.

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Maintenance of SIHI pumps

With a wide service capacity of 16 engineers, absolute pump knowledge and the experience of hundreds of SIHI pump revisions, our certified engineers are happy to support you.

With short response times, an hourly rate in line with the market, clear communication and the exclusive use of original parts, we always assure you of top-performing pumps.

Preventive maintenance for SIHI pumps

Inventflow offers vibration analysis to accurately measure the condition and performance of your SIHI pumps. The advantage of these analyzes is that revision and replacement costs are limited by preventing defects. In addition, you limit the degree of failure within your production process.

Corrective maintenance for SIHI pumps

Inventflow is also your partner for corrective maintenance of your SIHI pumps. As soon as a malfunction or defect has been identified, Inventflow takes the necessary measures as quickly as possible to ensure an optimal production process.

Predictive maintenance for SIHI pumps

With accurate predictive maintenance, maintenance can be scheduled based on the predicted service life of SIHI pumps and process components. This reduces the risk of downtime within the production process and therefore unplanned maintenance. By continuously monitoring the production process, it is possible to identify and prevent future problems.

6 advantages of maintenance of SIHI pumps by Inventflow

Clear offer

You will receive a clear quotation with a transparent cost structure before work is carried out.

Ample service capacity

16 certified engineers with years of experience with SIHI pumps are immediately available.

Short lead times

Thanks to our extensive service capacity, we provide you with short lead times.

Digital inspection report

You will receive a detailed inspection report with the condition of pump parts with explanations, photos and follow-up actions.

Price-wise favorable

We use a competitive hourly rate with transparent cost specifications.

Full control

Full control over your entire range of pumps with the online Inventflow Service Center.

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