Custom designed dosing units configured for your application

Custom designed dosing units configured for your application

Configured for your application

To guarantee that you can dose liquids such as chemicals, colors and flavors in an extremely safe, reliable and efficient way, we design and build dosing units based entirely on your application and wishes.

* Dosing systems are developed according to BRL-K903 guidelines and delivered ready for use with associated declarations (CE), certificates and manuals.

The composition of your dosing skid

The composition of a dosing skid starts with the selection of the correct dosing pumps, taking into account the required capacity, pressure, resistance, control and alarm and warning signals.

The skid is supplied plug-and-play including all necessary components (pressure retention and overflow valve, flushing options, pulsation dampers and more). The casing of the skid is made of PP, HDPE and the pipework of PVC, PP, PVDF or PE. Finally, all components are safely shielded by transparent windows and doors.

Safety as a priority

When developing customer-specific dosing solutions, the safety of people and the environment is our top priority. Our dosing skids meet all safety requirements for the processing of chemicals and other liquids and are easy and safe to maintain.

Why have your dosing skid built by Inventflow?

Our dosing skids are designed according to the highest quality and safety standards. The benefits and features for you as a user include:

  • Safe and reliable dosing of chemicals, colorings and flavourings
  • Systems comply with BRL-K903 guidelines and are CE certified
  • Plug-and-play delivered and installed (if desired)
  • Equipped with all necessary components and an integrated drip tray
  • From design to installation completely in-house
  • Focus on user-friendliness
  • Easy to maintain system
  • Compact, sturdy, modular construction

Would you like to know more about custom dosing skids?

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