Optimal pump selection

The same pump leaking again and again?

Friday afternoon, finally the weekend, or not? Perhaps you recognize it, the same pump that leaks or fails over and over again, just when it is inconvenient. The correct pump selection is therefore very important. There are a number of different selection criteria that are always important for every pump:

Important information for pump selection

When choosing the right pump for a specific application, it is not only important to know what capacity and pressure requirements are needed. But there are also other several crucial factors that need to be tested to ensure that the selected pump offers optimal performance and durability. 


One of those factors is the properties of the medium. The temperature and viscosity of the medium play an important role in this. Extreme temperatures can affect a pump's performance and even lead to damage. It is therefore important to understand the temperature of the fluid being pumped and ensure that the pump materials and design features are suitable for these conditions. In addition, the viscosity of the medium can vary, which influences the choice of pump type and design. 

Other considerations:

  • Weight: the weight of the pump is relevant for installation and transport. 
  • Service life and service life: the expected life of the pump and interval service times are important considerations. This not only affects operating costs, but also the overall reliability of the system. 
  • Experience: evaluating experiences with specific pump models and brands can be valuable. 
  • Certificates and requirements: Depending on the industry, certificates and compliance with specific requirements may apply. 
Careful consideration of all these factors will lead to an informed pump selection that not only meets basic requirements, but also ensures long-term durability, reliability and cost-efficiency. And that increases the chance that you will not have any disruptions to your production on Friday afternoon, but can simply go home peacefully. 

Benefits of proper pump selection

Do you not know the process conditions or are they not known?

If the process conditions are not known, such as capacity, pressure and/or viscosity, we can find this out with advanced measuring equipment. 

Renewed viscometer

Using our new viscometer, we can measure the viscosity (viscosity) of the liquid to be pumped even more accurately. This information is of great value to us, because with this accurate information we can select the perfect pump for you. 

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