Easily order pumps and spare parts via our platform!

The Inventflow Service Center: an introduction

All your pumps are inventoried by our Service Center team. The data obtained is supplemented and processed in our platform. You then have access to a complete overview of all your pumps, with associated technical data, documentation and photos.

Simply order your pumps and spare parts

You can request spare parts, maintenance and replacement pumps quickly and easily via the Service Center. You navigate to a pump within your process, select the desired products and services and receive a no-obligation quote within 24 hours. As an independent pump specialist, we provide you with a suitable offer regardless of the brand or pump type.

The Service Center offers insight and control

In addition to an overview of all your pumps and a handy ordering function, the platform offers insight and control. This gives you access to current service levels of your pumps, maintenance history and 24/7 service.

Finally, our engineers provide you with concrete advice about your pumps to minimize risks, improve service life, realize savings and control costs.


  • Inventory by Inventflow: our Service Engineers make an inventory of all pumps at your location and supplement the collected data
  • All pump data available digitally: full insight into your pump data with accompanying photos and documentation
  • 24/7 Service & Support: by having full insight into your processes, we support you immediately where necessary
  • The basis for your maintenance plan: By continuously monitoring and analyzing the maintenance condition of your pumps, you can perform targeted maintenance
  • Asset Optimization: you will be provided with advice plans with concrete optimisations based on your process
  • One-stop solution: simply request pump parts, replacement
    pumps and maintenance

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