Pumps for chemicals

Pumps for chemicals

Inventflow offers various brands and pump principles that are suitable for chemical applications. Which pump principle you need depends on your situation. We are happy to give you expert advice based on your process.

Below is explained which pumps are suitable for chemical applications.

ARBO centrifugal and plug-in pumps

One of the brands we offer is ARBO pumps, which produce centrifugal pumps and plug-in pumps. These pumps are made of solid plastic, making them very suitable for all applications where metal pumps are affected. The pumps have the highest chemical resistance and are extremely corrosion resistant.

DEPA diaphragm pumps

DEPA series M diaphragm pumps have a cast metal construction. This offers a very suitable solution for abrasive media and highly viscous media. The pumps are available in a wide range of temperature classes and offer excellent corrosion resistance with a long service life.

Grundfos dosing pumps

Grundfos dosing pumps are extremely accurate, reliable and cost-effective, combined with the best possible price-performance ratio. Due to a very extensive selection of materials, the dosing pumps are extremely suitable for chemical processes.

Elro peristaltic pumps

The ELRO peristaltic pumps are suitable for abrasive and aggressive media and liquids with high viscosity or sensitivity. This makes the pumps suitable for use in a wide variety of chemical applications. Peristaltic pumps deliver a constant flow rate, are dry running and are very reliable.

Seepex progressive cavity pumps

Screw pumps are used in a wide variety of industries. The pumps are often used to pump highly viscous liquids with or without solids. Seepex worm pumps are also very suitable for chemical applications.

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