DEPA diaphragm pump SteriTec S1 and S2

DEPA diaphragm pump SteriTec S1 and S2

The SteriTecTM S1 and S2, made of stainless steel, are equipped with cavity-free one-piece manifolds. All materials are approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and enable a high degree of cleanliness (CIP and SIP). The pumps are distinguished by their robust construction as well as quick and easy disassembly.
Brand DEPA
Pump type Diaphragm pump
Max. pressure (bar) 8.6
Max. capacity (m3 / h) 0
Max. viscosity (mPas) 130000
Specific characteristics Air powered
Maximum system pressure:8.6 bar
Maximum flow rate:38 m³ / h
Maximum viscosity:130000 mPas
Temperature range:-25 ° C to 130 ° C


  • Thanks to the electrolytically polished surface, it meets the highest standards of cleanability.
  • Pump features a standard Tri-clamp ISO connection for easy connection.
  • Bolted construction design provides significantly improved diaphragm valve tightness and reduced maintenance time for reassembly.
  • Membrane with closed surface.
  • Virtually all liquids, from water to slurries / pastes can be pumped
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
DEPA diaphragm pumps brochure
DEPA diaphragm pumps brochure

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