Egger hybrid pump TEO

Egger hybrid pump TEO

Egger pump with a hybrid impeller. Combines the advantages of the Egger semi-open impeller with those of a Turo® vortex impeller. Suitable for transporting liquids with a high gas content and solid particles. These pumps maintain high efficiency with high viscosity media.
Brand Egger
Pump type Centrifugal pump
Max. pressure (bar) 10
Max. capacity (m3 / h) 126
Max. viscosity (mPas) 400
Materials Duplex, Cast iron, stainless steel
Specific characteristics Wastewater, Electric
Maximum system pressure:10 bar
Maximum flow rate:126 m³ / h
Maximum head:30 m
Maximum temperature:80 ° C
Nominal Dimensions:DN 32–80 mm
  • Stable suction characteristic during the transport of liquids with a gas content up to 10%
  • Interchangeable with a Turo® Vortex impeller
  • High efficiency, also with viscous liquids
  • Large, open spiral housing
  • Stable delivery head even with gaseous liquids
  • Low NPSH values and stable pump properties
  • Low life cycle costs (LCC)
  • Long service life (MTBF)
  • Grinding oil emulsions with a high air content
  • Emulsions with chips in the automotive industry
  • SiC slurries in the solar industry
  • Sewage sludge in wastewater technology
Egger TEO pump brochure
Egger TEO pump brochure

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