Egger Pilot pump S

Egger Pilot pump S

To validate new processes for commercial systems, the processes are first tested in pilot systems. The release rates are often low, varying from 0.5 to 8 m³/h, and cannot be achieved with a reactor pump. For this reason, Egger has developed a Pilot Pump S that meets all requirements for commercial process pumps. This series is designed for limit conditions of 25vol% gas fraction, 100 bar system pressure and a temperature of 280°C.
Brand Egger
Pump type Centrifugal pump
Max. pressure (bar) 100
Max. capacity (m3 / h) 8
Max. viscosity (mPas) 400
Materials Duplex, Cast iron, stainless steel
Specific characteristics Electric
Maximum system pressure:100 bar
Maximum flow rate:8 m³ / h
Maximum head:45 m
Maximum temperature:280 ° C
Nominal Dimensions:DN 15 and DN 25
  • Heating jacket models available
  • Reinforced bearings
  • Multiphase mixtures with solids and gas
  • Hydration
  • Ethoxylation
Egger pumps brochure
Egger pumps brochure

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