Grundfos NB, NBG

Grundfos NB, NBG

Grundfos offers an almost unlimited range of closely coupled (NB / NBG) end suction pumps, which are very suitable for challenging applications due to their robustness and reliability.

The Grundfos NB and NBG pumps are single-stage centrifugal standard block pumps with axial suction opening, radial discharge opening and a horizontal shaft and are not self-priming.

The standard and block pumps are extremely reliable, energy efficient and can be used for a wide range of applications due to enormous configuration options.
Brand Grundfos
Pump type Centrifugal pump
Max. pressure (bar) 16
Max. capacity (m3 / h) 1398
Max. viscosity (mPas) 400
Materials Duplex, Cast iron, stainless steel
Specific characteristics Electric, Cooling, Heating
Maximum capacity:1398 m³ / h
Maximum head:176.6 m
Maximum pressure:16 bar
Liquid temperature:-25 ° C to 120 ° C
Maximum viscosity:400 mPas
Pump design:Centrifugal standard block pump
  • Capacity up to 1300 m3 / h
  • Head up to 160 mWk
  • Optimized hydraulics in the housing and impeller ensure unhindered fluid flow
  • O-ring seal between pump housing and cover, so no risk of leakage
  • Very corrosion resistant
  • Available with IE2 and IE3 motors
  • Available with various shaft seal and material variants
  • PN 10, 16 and 25 bar
  • Water supply
  • Industrial pressure boosting
  • Industrial liquid transport
  • Indoor climate (air conditioning, heating and ventilation)
  • Irrigation
Grundfos NB brochure
Grundfos NB brochure

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